Screenwriter, director, producer, pedagogue. Author of live action films, documentary films, over 50 works, about 40 awards at home and abroad. She and her sister Ida Weiss, founded The Bela film in 1998 (, in 2010 they founded The Maja Weiss Institute, a center for cultural activities. She is the initiator of the Kolpa Film Camp (2008) for high school students, mentor of a documentary workshop. Lecturer at the Novo mesto School of Economics, Vocational College. Member of the European Film Academy, the Association of Slovenian Directors, the Aspi Association – Association for Helping Adolescents and Adults with Spectroautistic Disorder ( She places herself among film activists as she addresses topics in her works such as poverty, nationalism, genocide, refugees, war, and gender equality.


Irena Plut has been running the Cultural Center Semič, Bela Krajina’s Centre of cultural events, for almost seven years now. Working at the Cultural Center is never boring. Dynamics and diversity in her work bring various areas they cover: culture, tourism, sports and youth. The sign in which she was born, does not exactly facilitate her work. The Gemini often argue: one says yes, the other no. However, with the S-factor, they are united: Yes, let’s work together, help and we grow together.


In 1993 he graduated under mentorship of  Metka Kraševec, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In 1992 he received the Prešeren Award, of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. From 1995 to 2000, he worked as the editor and editor-in-chief of the magazine Likovne besede. Since 1994, he has had the status of an independent creator in the field of culture. He lives and works in Butoraj, Bela krajina. So far, he has exhibited or participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Currently, he is the artistic director of the Novo mesto Art Days.


Editor, director and musician … He was employed at RTV Slovenia for more than 35 years. In 1990, he was a founding member of the Rotary Club Ljubljana, president of RC Ljubljana in 1997/1998 and a member of the club for 30 years. Organizer and co-author of the Charitable St. Nicholas Concert, which will be its 29th this year. All funds raised at the concert, have been intended for primary school students from socially disadvantaged families throughout Slovenia.


Mojca Lipec Stopar, Professor of Special and Rehabilitation Pedagogy, is a higher education teacher at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, where she participates in the implementation of programs for future special and rehabilitation pedagogues, speech therapists, social pedagogues and class teachers. She cooperates with many institutions in the field of education – both at home and abroad.


President of the Association of Principals of Primary and Music Education of Slovenia. He tries to spend as much time as possible on either a mountain bike or just hiking. Unfortunately, he does not have much time; he is the principal of the Janka Modra Dol Ljubljana Primary School. Luckily, he loves his job, so he suffers less when it is a nice day outside and he has to be at work.


Dr. Katja Vadnal has been running the Slovenian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Sožitje since 2006. During this time, she has personally got to know the worlds of children, adolescents and adults with disabilities, and also from experiences of other members and 51 societies, from conversations with experts and others as her grandson was born with Down syndrome. Her professional field though is agriculture. She is convinced that Slovenia out to be kind and respectful to all its citizens, including children, adolescents, adults and elderly with intellectual disabilities and their relatives.


Second-year student, Higher Vocational College, Course Media Production Novo mesto.

He is interested in music, film music and music for shows as well as motoring. He regularly watches the series New Amsterdam and, when it was on TV The Good Doctor, occasionally The Scorpion series. He likes the last two series because the main characters in them are people with special needs. He has learned to recognize who is performing which song and how long they are. He has been training karate, called Ryukyu Kempo, for 12 years and owns a purple belt, second degree. His life’s motto is, “Don’t worry, be happy “ Bobby McFerrin).


The Creative Director of a non-government organisation in the UK called Momentum World. They provide international educational opportunities and training for young people. He is passionate about inclusion and feels very privileged to be part of this project. He wishes all the schools and young people the very best of luck – “You are all stars!”